tasks and tweaks
to improve the website

Need help with your Shopify store custom coding?

Or to update your store with a new testimonials board or bring some changes to your Shopify store theme? – Shopify experts from Voodoo Ecom are here to help and will immediately start working on these small Shopify tasks!

Looking for a Shopify guru to help you with your store?

Look no further as you’ve just found the team of the experts you need most! The Voodoo Ecom agency works with experienced Shopify experts who can make your store customer-friendly and have a flair of state-of-the-art at the same time.

Update your online store with Shopify theme tweaks

And you of course have always wanted to customize your webstore with all the newest technologies and Shopify tweaks to make it more responsive and comfortable to manage. Tada! This all is already at your fingers as Voodoo Digital will tune everything up for you! Add or remove your theme functions, customize your product page, as well as other pages of your online store. You can also work on your e-mail pop-ups and set up basic Google Analytics!


Can I add some Shopify tweaks while my store is live?

Sure, you don’t need to stop your business to accomplish some Shopify small tasks or Shopify theme tweaks. All the changes are automatically synchronized with your shop as they are done online. So, while your store is being updated, your customers are still able to browse your product pages and place orders. The new tweaks are integrated smoothly into your store, and your customers will not experience any discomfort while placing new orders with your shop. Thus, you can keep calm about your business and just see how your store is becoming more manageable and successful!

Where to find a developer for Shopify tasks?

Basically, you can find a lot of freelance Shopify professionals available on Upwork and other sites. They all can be able to complete not only Shopify small but also Shopify expert tasks. However, you can never be sure that your tasks will be the first priority for such specialists, and you can never know how much time the job will take. In Voodoo Digital you will find Shopify specialists that are able to complete Shopify tasks for developers too. For them, business owners’ success is the main priority in their work, and they will make their best to accomplish the work as smoothly and as soon as possible! So, better not waste your time on searches for the right specialists and simply refer to the right company of Shopify experts.

How to choose a developer for Shopify small tasks?

Choosing the keenest and most experienced developer in this sphere is not an easy task which requires intuition and other skills of a good HR specialist. Better trust it to the Voodoo Digital agency that is focused specifically on Shopify customers and their needs! We gathered the best Shopify experts under one roof and are ready to share their skills and knowledge in the sphere with everyone who needs it. Simply scroll down and fill in the form with the current needs for your shop and we will call you back!