CRO–Conversion Rate Optimization

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Ways to increase Shopify conversion rate

CRO Strategy for Shopify is a sequence of research on the behavior of your shop visitors and the succeeding recommendations on how to make them stay for longer and make a purchase

CRO tools & techniques

  1. Developing a heat map

  2. User surveys and feedback

  3. Competitor analysis

  4. Analysis of Session Recording

  1. What prevents a successful sale?

  2. At what point do visitors usually drop out of the sales funnel?

  3. How can customers get persuaded to spend more money?

Working flow:

  1. Analysis

    At this stage we identify the zones of friction on a webstore that constrains sales growth

  2. Prioritization

    The recommendations based on the analysis get prioritized depending on what is expected to have the greatest impact on sales.

  3. Implementing changes

    We implement the changes to your site and at the same time monitor the impact on sales that the changes are bringing.

  4. Witnessing sales growth

    At the end stage, we observe the results of conversion rates optimization.


Why do we need Shopify conversion?

Shopify conversion index shows on rates of your online store visitors who purchased your products. In other words, it’s about how many of your shop visitors became or were converted into your customers. This index allows judging your project’s current success and whether you need to optimize your site in order to attract more customers.

What conversion rate is good for Shopify?

Thanks to this index you see the real situation with your sales and your chances for a successful future. It allows you to see how many of those who came to your webstore made real purchases using your site interface. Your conversion rate can be quite satisfactory but oftentimes it needs to be substantially improved. Thanks to qualified Shopify professionals, it’s absolutely real.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization important in eCommerce?

The optimization of the conversion rate index is hugely important in eCommerce. This index itself literarily shows the state of your eCommerce business and its future perspectives. By improving your conversion rate, you open the door to your future success as you increase sales on Shopify.

How do I optimize Shopify for conversion?

Shopify conversion rate optimization is not a simple one-step process. It requires thorough research of your site visitors’ behavior and this research can be of many types. Then, it’s about prioritizing the advice based on the research results. Long story short, the task of conversion rates optimization requires special knowledge and qualification and should be trusted to the team of professionals.

How to build CRO strategy for Shopify?

This strategy should be built by Shopify professionals. Relying on the experience of the Voodoo Digital agency, this strategy includes such stages as the analysis of your site’s visitors’ behavior, prioritization of the advice based on the analysis, implementation of changes, and witnessing the results of work – the increase of Shopify sales.