Find Your outstanding Shopify website design

Properly placed blocks with products, together with buttons and even colors – the result of the correct Shopify website design is always about increasing sales. Yes, in the case of Shopify stores, the Shopify custom UX design can be correct when it leads to sales almost from the very first site visit.

Shopify website design that matters

The perception of your store and brand largely depends on how you show it to the public online, i.e., your webstore design. However, your target audience will react not only to the imagery and graphics on your site but the complex of different elements on it that forms user experience. If your store looks nice and is easy to navigate and use, its visitors are more likely to make purchases.

This all means that when you invest in professional designing of your Shopify website, you also invest in increasing the number of conversions from it. Thus, your business’ success grows directly from the customer’s experience on your site.

Why design
with us?

We combine two essentials – technical excellence and the latest web design trends, optimized for conversions.


How much does it cost to hire a Shopify Web design agency?

Briefly speaking, everything depends on the specialists’ professional level and the agency’s reputation. Building a custom-designed Shopify store by a solid Shopify web design agency in most cases will cost you $5000-$20000. Still, if it’s unaffordable for your budget, it’s rather realistic to find a startup Shopify website design agency that can craft your entire store on Shopify for just $500-$2000.

Is hiring a Shopify store designer worth it?

If your business concentrates on your Shopify store from which all your sales come, you need to hire a Shopify store designer. First of all, because of his experience in the sphere and secondly due to the designer’s knowledge of all the specifics of the Shopify platform. Note that the Voodoo Ecom agency has the best Shopify store designers under its roof, and is ready for the challenges of whatever complexity level!

How to make changes to my Shopify design?

This task must be accomplished by a Shopify professional designer, as it’s not only about your Shopify UX design but the investigation of your site visitors’ behavior first. To provide the best result and not lose your money, you’d better refer to a specialized Shopify design agency that will help you to pick up the best professional for your case. For example, you could refer to the Voodoo Ecom agency which will never leave your UI design in Shopify the way it is.

Why do we need UI/UX design on Shopify website?

Because on your user experience and user interface design the number of your sales is largely dependent. Properly placed site elements together with colors used on your website influence greatly the number of conversions on your Shopify website.

What is Shopify UI design?

Shopify UI is a user interface framework that facilitates designing a successful Shopify website. This framework also allows customizing themes and managing your store’s look and feel. But note that it can rather facilitate your Shopify store designer’s work but not replace the professional! Remember that a successful and profitable Shopify store is a result of its professional and thoroughly developed design which can only be made by a true Shopify professional!