Shopify App development services: private and public apps

Despite the launch of the Shopify store itself, there is still a lot of place to grow and ways to do it. One of which is integration of all sorts of apps and services into your store. Our custom Shopify apps leverage advanced APIs to achieve complex functionality. We build apps that manage data, integrate third parties, and build a more customized front-end experience for your customers.

Shopify private app development

Voodoo Ecom Agency used to provide Shopify private app development when private apps were an option, but not that long ago, they were deprecated.

Unlike Shopify public apps that are available at the Shopify app store and can be used by any business, private apps are created for your store only and are supposed to work only with it. Still, it’s already not an option for today’s businesses as Shopify private apps were deprecated in January 2022. It’s not a big drama as you can opt for custom apps that are also designed exclusively for your store, but in contrast to Shopify private app developers, custom Shopify app developers don’t need to get access to your Shopify admin panel and API.

Shopify API integration services

Shopify API integration services may be useful to your business if you want to connect helpful third-party applications to your shop. For instance, you might need to integrate CRM systems, ERP solutions, or payment gateways that haven’t dedicated downloadable apps for Shopify. Such solutions could assist your business greatly, and our team can conduct the required integration painlessly. Our cloud-based integrations are secure, reliable, and scalable.

The most qualified Shopify developers are at your service!

Our Shopify App development process:

  1. Discovery stage

    /Planning and approval of the project scope
    /Receive requirements from client
    /Create a prototype
    /Create a list of user stories
    /Build diagrams
    /Write documentation
    /Refine a technology stack
    /Refine dev team
    /Estimate project

  2. App development

    / Setup development environment
    /Receive all accesses and materials
    /Develop the app

  3. Deploy

    /Client review
    /Consultation on how to manage the app
    /Go through Shopify review

Who will handle your project?


UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers create the user interface for the app . Their work includes collaborating with product managers and engineers to gather requirements before designing ideas that can be communicated using storyboards and process user flows.


Shopify Developers

They are experienced in front-end development, especially in Liquid which is crucial for an ideal website, and have a sharp eye for pixel-perfect design.


QA Engineers

After a test plan with a detailed understanding of the testing workflow is completed testers write test cases — scripts describing an input action and an expected response.


Team Lead

Team Leaders is an important role. Creating an open and motivating environment among the team members to attain goals. They communicate, and delegate tasks and deadlines to the team


Project Manager

An accountable person for the entire project scope, the project team and resources, the project budget, and the success of the project.


How much does Shopify app development cost?

The price for a basic Shopify app development ranges from $5000 to $15000. The most common price for an app is $20000, but it all can be more affordable if you order an MVP, i.e., an app with a minimum number of functions.

Where should I hire Shopify app developers?

You can hire freelance app developers on such platforms as Upwork or Fiverr, but it’s never clear how much those specialists will prioritize your project and at what time the job will be done, respectively. Another option is to refer to a Shopify app development agency that prioritizes its clients’ needs first.

Which is the best app development company for Shopify?

Today, the market of Shopify app development companies is large enough, but we can only be sure of our own company: Voodoo Ecom Agency. We gathered the most qualified specialists under our roof, and they do their job with dedication and pleasure and are always on time!

What is the difference between a private app and a custom app in Shopify?

Firstly, it must be said that private apps are no longer developed on Shopify, since January 2022. If they were still valid, private Shopify apps would differ from custom ones in that they would require more secure customer data: access to the admin panel and API.

How to test a Shopify public app?

You should log in to your Shopify partner account, go to App – choose Test app – in the Test your app section, press the Select Store button – select your Dev store.

What apps do you need for a Shopify store?

There’s a variety of apps in the Shopify app market that can help you work with your store and its customers. For instance, you can find chatbots, Apps where you can manage your email marketing, social media marketing, etc. You can have whatever number of those helpful apps for your store, but keep in mind that if there are too many of them, the speed of your Shopify store can be affected.

Why should you use Shopify apps?

Because they can really help you in working with your store and target audience, and this all will inevitably end up increasing your sales and revenues.