Speed up your Shopify site

Want To Increase Your Shopify Site Speed?

Your slow, buggy site is hurting your brand.

Google’s best practice is to have a speed index under 3 seconds. If your site loads in more than 3 seconds then the probability of bounce increases by 90%.

A Faster Site Could Alter The Course Of Your Business

A fast-loading site is critical for keeping your users on the site. 38% of visitors bounce when your site takes five seconds to load, harming conversions and revenue. Page speed also impacts SEO traffic, as Google uses it as a ranking factor.
Shopify is an extremely popular e-commerce platform, but Shopify sites often struggle with speed. Shoppers are less likely to make a purchase when a site loads slower than expected, and they are less likely to return to the site.

What Do We Focus On? Google Focuses On Mobile, So We Do Too

We focus on finding the right balance between speed and UX to deliver the optimal experience to your users. Some of our techniques include:

  1. Image Optimisation
  2. Fewer File Requests
  3. Leverage Browser Caching
  4. Lazy Load Images
  5. Minify CSS & Javascript
  6. Analysis and Errors Handling
  7. Minimized Redirects
  8. Removal of Duplicate Javascript and CSS
  9. Reduced Impact of Third-party Scripts
  10. Broken Link Fix
  11. Removal of Unnecessary Code
  12. Heavy-weight App Removal Recommendation


How do I optimize speed on Shopify?

There’s a complex of measures that should be taken and they mainly concern: image optimization, cutting unnecessary pieces of code, fixing broken links, and removing some apps integrated into your Shopify store. Every situation has its specifics and it’s recommended to refer for professional help to optimize the speed of your Shopify store.

What is the best speed for a Shopify store?

To measure your Shopify speed score, use Google Lighthouse and if it shows a score which is over 50 it’s good.

How do I test my Shopify speed?

In your Shopify admin go to Online Store – Themes. You can see your speed score in the Online store speed score section.

How long it takes to optimize a Shopify store?

Depending on the complexity of your case, it can take from a few hours to a few months.