Shopify custom theme development for Your unique store

Why Shopify theme customization is a must?

  1. You know how your Shopify store should look and work.

  2. You don’t want your store to look like thousands of other Shopify stores. You want your shop to stand out from competitors, instead.

  3. Your business has certain specifics that typical Shopify themes don’t comply with, and that’s why a completely custom solution is necessary.

Shopify customization advantages:

  • One-of-a-kind user experience.

    With custom functions on your site, you can offer your customers something that your competitors can not.

  • Unique design

    When you have a customized Shopify store it looks more original and thus it becomes more memorable to your store visitors!

  • Endless opportunities

    When you use a standard theme for your Shopify it has certain limits in its possibilities for expanding, say, with some add-ons, buttons, etc. As soon as you switch to a custom theme, we will follow your every wish concerning your further site development!

  • Being accessible from the very start

    When you customize your Shopify theme, you can set your store to be more accessible while when staying on a standard theme your opportunities for this are rather limited.

  • A custom-made solution is future-proof

    Starting your business, you never know what you will need in terms of your site in the next couple of days. With a custom Shopify theme, you can easily mount any solution to your site while when on a standard theme your scope of expanding your site is very limited.

  • Smoother management of your store.

    Your Shopify store customization is specifically tuned to your business needs and is used for your business apps or add-ons can be added to your site to facilitate your store management

Our Shopify Custom Theme Development Process

In Voodoo Ecom Agency we gathered the best Shopify experts under one roof. Among those experts there are professional and experienced Shopify developers that are ready for even the most complex tasks in the process of your Shopify theme customization:

  • Researching.

    To provide the most optimal UX design for your site, first, we conduct research on your business specifics and goals.

  • UX designing.

    After the research, we create the first prototype thinking about your users and the operations they would have to execute on your site.

  • UI designing.

    This stage is about crafting the graphical side of your store.

  • Building and testing.

    At this stage, we build and test your store and improve your store look on all the popular device formats.

  • Launch and maintenance.

    This stage opens your newly-made custom Shopify store to the world, and our team stays responsible for any bugs that may appear and is further improving your store’s working or look.


What benefits can I get from working with a Shopify development agency?

When you work with a Shopify development agency, you get the opportunity to acquire all the services you need without searching for different specialists on job-searching platforms. Once a Shopify development agency’s team gets your Shopify store at their table, they “scan” it for errors and site speed deficiencies. So, your store is audited, and there can be found many additional issues you hadn’t known about before. In other words, with the qualified work of the Shopify development agency’s professionals, your Shopify store will get improved even better than you could expect. Secondly, with an agency, you can count on the negotiated terms of work, while with freelancers this aspect might have more unexpected outcomes.

How can Shopify web development services improve my business?

This can touch many aspects of your work on the Shopify store. Firstly, Shopify web developers can customize your store theme to make it more attractive for your audience and more comfortable for you. Secondly, Shopify web development services may relate to working with various apps and developing custom ones. As you might know, these apps can make your work with your Shopify store a lot more comfortable, and they can improve many aspects of your business: from attracting new shop visitors to your store through email marketing or SMM to facilitating the dropshipping procedure. Shopify customers often load too many apps to their store which can decrease its speed significantly, thus it’s more recommended to refer to professionals. Finally, a Shopify development expert can also mount third-party APIs into the Shopify store, which can facilitate working with it.

What services does the Voodoo Ecom Agency offer?

Our agency provides so many Shopify e-commerce development services that it’s rather easier to list the ones that we do not provide but there’s actually none of such at this moment. The spectrum of services provided by the Voodoo Ecom agency includes such services as:
Migration to Shopify. Easily and without any data loss.
Shopify theme customization and improvement. If you cannot find an optimal theme for your store, don’t worry – our professionals are ready to develop it for you.
All sorts of integrations: payment gateways, APIs, and third-party apps. It often happens that without those integrations, an e-commerce business cannot normally function. Our team will make the required integrations most accurately.
Shopify customization with additional features. We will take care of adding all the apps to your Shopify store that you find helpful.
Your store’s Support & Maintenance. You and your store’s visitors can always ask questions or refer to their issues – our team will always provide the required support.

What development services do you provide for Shopify stores?

At Voodoo Ecom agency, we always try to improve our clients’ shops to the maximum to make their work more efficient and comfortable. This becomes possible thanks to such Shopify website development services as:
Shopify theme customization. If the theme you installed is overwhelming or clumsy, we’re always ready to improve it or provide some custom solution.
Shopify app development. Should you not find a needed app in the Shopify app market, we can develop a new public or custom one for your business.
Store performance improvement. Your online store speed dropping will inevitably affect either your traffic or your sales and revenues. To overcome this problem, we first diagnose your store for the speed drop, look for its reasons, and finally, eventually address the issues found.

What technologies does Voodoo Digital agency use for Shopify development services?

For Shopify development services we use such technologies as:
Strapi. This CMS provides a content management system and API for e-commerce or corporate websites. It’s noteworthy due to integration with AWS services, easy expansion, and painless and quick setup. Strapi integrates well with Bigcommerce and Shopify and thanks to it, content management and SEO become easier for websites.
Shopify. We primarily work on Shopify because it’s a default environment for Shopify users and also due to it provides a full cycle of management for a product and inventory and thus can be used for managing all the processes – from products’ shipping and delivery to payments and content management on the site. Besides, due to the platform being cloud-based, it’s possible to save all the data untouched.
Shopify plus. This multi-channel platform provides custom features, support, and checkout page management. It’s considered to be an optimal choice for big projects with more than 10,000 transactions per minute.

How many technologies does the Voodoo Ecom agency use for Shopify development services?

The Shopify ecommerce platform itself is where all the needed for your Shopify optimization resources are concentrated. Surely, there can be some aspects requiring manual coding but there are a few of them. In case some new pieces of code are needed, they’re written in the Ruby on Rails programming language as Shopify itself was written with it. Most of the technologies needed for your Shopify store improvement are located inside the Shopify platform. That’s why our Shopify developers mostly work with Shopify developer tools on the platform and can also use the Shopify developer tools Chrome extension to alleviate their work.

How much does the proper estimate for Shopify website development cost?

The thing is that the proper estimation of the necessary for your Shopify store development services is the first step in our work with your project. The proper estimation of Shopify website development cost is an inseparable part of the development process, and the price for it is counted into the total price for our services by default. There’s no fixed price for this service because there’s no fixed amount of work needed for a Shopify store development services estimation: it depends on the number of issues found in your e-commerce store and its complexity. Still, anyway, you should know that the Voodoo Ecom agency does not provide such service separately but only in combination with further Shopify store optimization.